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The Conditionality of Safaricom

How do we get ourselves to profitability? This seems to be the desperate sentiment of most networks in the country that have to grapple with Safaricom's alleged dominance. A few have bit the dust (YU) in the process while the best of survivors have had to resort to the chameleon tactic of changing their colours every few years.

New owners breathe new life into the dejected ventures of their predecessors, and initially it's quite fresh and exciting. So much so that it entices customers in the green camp to their vivacious camp fires.

Of course such excursions, for that's all they are for the majority, only last until the party is over. The moment the glaring shortcomings start smouldering on these dying fires it's back to where "the party never stops".

Some few however do hang on albeit with a loyalty split disproportionately in favour of their "first love" thanks to the bigamy afforded by dual-sim devices. It's my conjecture that this is how …

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